Today, composite products are indispensable in energy, automotive, construction and almost every field, especially in the aviation and space industry. The momentum brought by this situation enables the industry to grow continuously. The global composite market, which was 76 billion Euros in value in 2017, rose to 78.8 billion Euros in 2018. This figure is expected to be 82 billion euros in 2019 and 96 billion euros in 2023.

As the global market, taking share from the substitution of composite materials in Turkey is a growing sector in Turkey, Europe and the world shows growth above the growth rate. Today Turkey reached 242 thousand tons, a volume of composite sector, in line with global economic developments and the country in a rapid and long-term development as well as in other sectors, with the effect of the dynamic. 180 medium and large-sized companies, when operating as part of the composite business activities of the company showed that Turkey 700-800 composite industry as evaluated by volume; It is mostly used in the pipe-tank-infrastructure sector with 35 percent, transportation-automotive with 25 percent and building-construction sectors with 20 percent. Advanced technology products in Turkey with the acceleration of the production, especially wind energy, aerospace and electrical and electronics sector is expected to be of more use of composite materials. In addition, pipe applications, automotive and transportation, solar panels, construction fittings, heating pipes, engineering plastics and marine applications are among other composite applications with high growth potential.

Considered as a sophistication criterion

The investments made by the top management of Tardigrade, the long marathon runner of the global leagues, within the framework of the vision of the future that is one step ahead of the world, started to be ready to bear fruit. Tardigrade, which examines the pulse of the industry at the Eurasian Composites Show, is getting closer and closer to taking its place in the market in a quiet but powerful way. following the consumption of a range of 4-10 kilograms of composite materials on a global scale, at the level of 3 kilograms in Turkey. The average price of 6.9 euros per kilogram in the global market, the level of 5,3 euros in Turkey.

their evaluation should Tardigrade Management industry experts in person needing the amount the average price of per capita consumption in Turkey in the medium and long term will agree that is an advantage for Turkey.